Genealogical Research




Please also read the section on general research in conjunction with this section.

What is very important to remember with regard to genealogical research is that as a rule none of the records created by the Department of Home Affairs would ever be transferred to the National Archives Repository. In terms of their legislation they would keep such records with them and they even have an archives for those records that they do not need on a day to day basis anymore. The National Archives Repository has no access to or control over this archives. The kind of records that they would keep would include Birth-, Marriage- and Death Registers, Identity documents, passports, information about persons home addresses, etc. To gain access to such information it is recommended that you contact the Contact Centre at the Department of Home Affairs directly at 0800 60 11 90 or e-mail

For information on genealogical sources which are available in the National Archives Repository, you are requested to click on the document at the bottom of  this page.



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