Related Materials

This section is responsible for the preservation of any materials that are related to the various art forms and disciplines e.g.

  • art;
  • ballet;
  • music;
  • drama;
  • fine arts;
  • theatre;
  • literature;
  • film;
  • architecture;
  • television; etc.

In this collection one would find such things as:

  • newspaper clippings and aperture cards;
  • photographs and original negatives;
  • theatrical posters and programmes;
  • scripts;
  • journals;
  • magazines;
  • letters;
  • scrapbooks;
  • donations from collectors, companies and organisations;
  • agreements between people, companies and suppliers; and
  • biographies on various people.

The collections that are stored at the National Archives and Records Services of South Africa comprise of donations and collections from various institutions, individuals and organisations.

  • SASKI which was divided into various genres i.e. S.E.S.A.T. (Theatre and Ballet), S.E.N.S.A.L. (Literature), S.E.K.U.N. (Arts), SESAM (Music), etc.
  • Private donors.

The related materials collection can be searched through various accession registers.  These accession registers cover the various genres e.g. music, theatre, art, literature, film and many more.

Researchers are helped by email, telephone calls and so on and consult the requested material at the reading room of the National Archives.