Friends of the Archives

The Friends of the Archives initiative was launched in 2011 and the objective is to advocate and interact with users of archives for them to be agents of the repository and the public. Archives are marginalised and the Friends of the Archives initiative seeks to promote Archives by raising awareness of their significance and their functions in a democratic society. This initiative is in line with the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture’s programme on social cohesion and social dialogue by opening the Archives for public participation into the affairs of the Archives.

‘These archives contain traces of my life and those who have lived it with me. Anyone who has explored the world of archives will know that is a treasure house, one that is full of surprises, crossing paths, dead ends, painful reminders and unanswered questions.’ (Page one of In Conversations with Myself N Mandela: use Harvard referencing method).

This initiative forges and strengthens relations among public and private archival and related institutions in South Africa. The quote from Mr Nelson Mandela attests to this and it in the same principle that the Department of  Sport, Arts and Culture through the National Archives and Records Service of South Africa (NARSSA) will continue with the initiative together with role players in realising the prescriptions of the National Archives and Records Service of South Africa Act (Act No. 43 of 1996, as amended).

Friends of the Archives hosts seminars twice annually and inform members of activities in the archives in the country. Members of the Friends of the Archives are kept abreast about conferences and other matters in the archives.

To become a Friend of the Archive fill in the attached form and forward to Ms Belinda Mahanjana on 012 441 3200/3270 email: