Introduction Legal Deposit


To provide dynamic and strategic leadership in the collection, preservation and access to the South African published heritage.


1. To advise the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture on all matters relating to legal deposit in SA.

2. To promote, preserve and facilitate access to the published heritage of SA.

3. To encourage compliance with the Legal Deposit Act (Act No. 54 of 1997) and other applicable legislation.

Key Strategic Areas

During its strategic planning workshop held on the 31 October to 01 November 2007, the Legal Deposit Committee identified the following key strategic areas: Legislative and Policy Review Funded Mandate Preservation Strategy Cataloguing and Digital Curation Marketing and Advocacy.

Official Publications Depositories

Section 6(2) (a) of Legal Deposit Act (Act No. 54 of 1997) makes provision that " the Minister shall, on the recommendation of the Member of the Executive Council responsible for libraries in each province, designate at least one place of legal deposit in each province to serve as an official publications depository, which shall be entitled to receive a copy of every official publication but not of other categories of documents". Any cinematographic film and other audio-visual material shall be deposited with the National Film Video and Sound Archive as a place of Legal Deposit.

Places of Legal Deposit

In terms of section 6(1) shall be (a) The State Library, Pretoria (b) The National Film Video and Sound Archives, Pretoria, for purposes of certain categories of document as prescribes Part III section 8 of Legal Deposit Regulation Act (c) The South African Library, Cape Town (d) Library of Parliament , Cape Town (e) Natal Society Library(Bessie Head Library) (f) The City Library Services, Mangaung (g) Any other libraries or institution prescribed by the Minister for the purpose of certain prescribed categories of documents.