The National Archives and Records Service of South Africa was established by promulgation of the National Archives and Records Service... Read More

In the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (South African Republic), the State Secretary appointed two officials to collect, arrange and bind his official records in 1887. In 1899 the first archivist was appointed. On the formation of Union in 1910, the responsibility of... Read More

The objects and functions of National Archives in terms of Section 3 of the National Archives and Records Service Act (Act No.43 of 1996 as amended) shall be to-

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The National Archives contributes to the Government’s Programme of Action (POA) in Outcome 14 viz. Nation Building and Social Cohesion in the following manner:

  • by ensuring an inclusive archive with information that is open and accessible to all South Africans; and... Read More

The definition of what constitutes "an archival record" has undergone profound changes in tandem with the discourses in the development of the history of ideas. For centuries an archival record was identified with manuscripts, with written records. With time the "archival... Read More

The origin of the National Archives and Records Service, previously known by various other names (last known as the State Archives Service), dates back to 1919. Since then the National Archives and Records Service operated on a... Read More

  • Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC);
  • All Ministries, Deputy Ministries, national departments, and statutory bodies;
  • National... Read More

For a map of the area where the National Archives is situated, click here:  ... Read More