Private Freelance Researchers Registration Form

The National Archives and Records Service (NARSSA) is not in a position to undertake archival research on behalf of the public. If your enquiry requires in-depth research and you are not able to visit an archives repository personally, you could consider engaging the services of a professional freelance researcher.

If you are prepared to do research on behalf of members of the public, you are more than welcome to submit your name for inclusion in the List of Professional Freelance Researchers in the NARSSA.

Inclusion in the List of Professional Freelance Researchers in the NARSSA does not constitute an endorsement of the services of the researchers by the NARSSA, neither does it express any opinion regarding the quality of the services rendered by them. The NARSSA does not have information regarding the fees which individual researchers charge, and cannot undertake any liaison with them on behalf of the public.

By completing this registration form you give consent to the NARSSA to provide your name and other information provided on the registration form to any person wishing to potentially make use of your services. The NARSSA also reserves the right to remove any name from the list without providing any reason.

If your name is already on the list and you are no longer prepared to be a freelance researcher please inform us so that we can remove your name from the list.