Cabinet approves the Cultural and Creative Industries Masterplan

Thursday, 1 September, 2022

On the 17th of August 2022 the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) presented the Cultural Creative Industries Masterplan to Cabinet for approval and implementation.
The Creatives Industries is one of the seven prioritized sectors and therefore indicative of the need for the Creative Industries Masterplan to be developed. The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) is one of the richest resources of South Africa and has the capacity to generate significant economic and social benefits for the nation. The Department of Sport Arts and Culture is mandated to harness arts, culture and heritage as creative practices which have the social and economic capacities for transforming South Africa into an inclusive society. Hence the Department will be implementing programmes stemming from the Masterplan for the Development and sustainability of the arts, culture and heritage across all Provinces as part of the economic recovery plan it embarked on last year after Covid 19.
This Masterplan’s main aim is to attain the following goals by 2040:
• Globally recognized representative and competitive creative industry
• A growing talent pipeline with quality skills development, including professional skills training for the CCI at all levels
• An integrated creative value chain to stimulate opportunities for innovation the nurturing of talent and professionalism in the sector
• A transformed and innovative Creative Sector that develops and exploits its own Intellectual Property
• A Creative Industry that has access to competitively priced inputs (including raw material, 4IR ready technology)
• A supportive legal and regulatory framework across all three spheres of government that promotes economic reward and the ease of doing business
• An equitable and inclusive access to affordable fit – for – purpose infrastructure (including but not limited to ICT Infrastructure, digital platforms, production and distribution facilities, and cultural infrastructure) for the Creative Industries.
The Department of Sport Arts and Culture will lead in implementation of the framework as well as the establishment of an inclusive advisory and consultative forums at national, provincial and local levels. This will be in collaboration with following Departments; DSDB, DTIC and DCDT with DSAC being the lead Department.
Cultural and Creative Industries MasterPlan 
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Issued By: The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture

Published date: 
Thursday, 1 September, 2022