General Disposal Authorities

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Item number Nature of Records Office which Applicable General Disposal Authority No File File Size
21 Cumulative report cards Provincial Departments AK 4 103.11 KB
22 Transitory records All governmental bodies AT 2 103.36 KB
23 Electronic and related records All governmental bodies AE 1 99.22 KB
24 Motor log books and records National Departments, Provincial Departments, Statutory Bodies & Local Authorities AL 1 See Directive D8 (Item F12) 100.59 KB
25 Social beneficiary records All governmental bodies AC1 150.21 KB
26 Zforms National and Provincial departments AZ 1 104.75 KB
27 Postal registers All governmental bodies AP 4 100.06 KB
28 Visitor's books All governmental bodies AV 2 See Circular 5/2006 18.07 KB
29 Accident Report (AR) forms 81/149020, Z1523 Used in terms of the National Traffic Act, No.93 of 1996 All governmental bodies AR 3 103.16 KB
30 Records Related to the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Digitisation Project All governmental bodies AA 1 104.78 KB