Glossary of Film Terms

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Terminology Description
Jump Cut

A moving-image production change which is used to eliminate unwanted time in a scene, such as the dead period between the time a character enters a room and the time they reach their destination on the other side of the room. Most jump cuts are unobtrusive because we adjust to this 'lost' time automatically and psychologically, but they may be intentionally inserted where they would be apparent for particular reasons or purposes of the production

Latent Image Edge Numbering

One of two ways which Kodak places edge numbers on its camera film (the other being visible ink edge numbering), in which the film edge is exposed by a printer mounted at the perforator to produce an image visible only when the film is processed.  In addition to the edge numbers, also included are a manufacturer's code for the type of film, the perforator, and the equipment used to produce the product


In motion picture film work, a lightproof container which feeds raw film stock through a motion picture camera and which takes it up after exposure

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