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Terminology Description
AC Power Adapter

A power adapter for electronic equipment, including field recorders, video cameras, and laptop computers.  Plugging the adapter into the wall converts “Alternating Current” or “AC” power to Direct Current or “DC” power.  It is used to charge batteries and sometimes run the recorder. Usually this adapter converts voltages supplied by electrical companies to lower, more regulated voltages that power electronic devices.

Aspect Ratio

The ratio of width to height for the frame of the televised picture. 4:3 for standard systems, 5:4 for 1K x 1K, and 16:9 for HDTV.

Auto Balance

A system for detecting errors in color balance in white and black areas of the picture and automatically adjusting the white and black levels of both the red and blue signals as needed for correction.


(Advanced Video Encoding) - A common high definition video compression standard otherwise known as H.264/MPEG4 AVC.  Common for recording and distributing high definition video. Although AVC is a compression algorithm, it is very efficient compared to MPEG-2 and yields high quality video signal with minimal visual loss. This is a ubiquitous format today. However, it is not an open access format; it has numerous software patents associated with it which can be a cause for concern regarding future access.