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Terminology Description
Register of disposal authorities:

The register of disposal authorities records exactly what disposal authorities were issued on which records and how long they should be kept. 


A central location where a governmental body stores its active files. 



The National Archives and Records Service of South Africa Regulations, 2002, Regulation R158 published in the Government Gazette No. 24085 of 20 Nov. 2002.


Retention period:

a. The length of time that records should be retained in offices before they are either transferred into archival custody or destroyed/deleted. As far as non-archival records are concerned the head of the office decides on the retention periods in accordance with the administrative use of the records and the legal obligations the records need to fulfill. In the case of archival records the National Archives and Records Service of South Africa Act, 1996 as amended, determines that such records must normally be kept for twenty years after the end of the year in which they were created, before they are transferred into archival custody. 


b. In an electronic document management system, the length of time a record is kept online before it is moved to near-line or off-line storage in a hierarchical storage management system.