Glossary Terms

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Terminology Description
Functional subject file plan:

A pre-determined logical, systematic and hierarchical structure based on business’ functions that are then used to determine subject groups and subjects according to which records are filed and/or electronically indexed. Its purpose is to

a) facilitate efficient retrieval and disposal of records; and

b) to link the records back to the functions, activities and transactions that generated them.


General Disposal Authority

Disposal authorities issued on "common" or "standard" records used by more than one office e.g. financial records, human resources case files etc. 

Governmental body:

Any legislative, executive, judicial or administrative organ of state (including a statutory body) at the national level of government and until provincial archival legislation takes effect also all provincial administrations and local authorities. 

Head of a governmental body:


The chief executive officer of a governmental body or the person who is acting as such.